[2] Super Mario 64

Platform: Nintendo 64 | Genre: Adventure

Preview: Of all the items in the Mushroom Kingdom, the Power Stars are the most magical and powerful. These 120 stars power Princess Toadstool's castle. One day, the Princess invites Mario over for a cake-but while he's getting there, Bowser is invading! The King of the Koopas goes into Mushroom Castle and steals most of the power stars-the others are hidden by Peach and her Toad subjects. But alas-Bowser takes enough to not only create his own strange and twisted worlds from paintings in the castle, but to imprison Peach and her Toads in the castle walls themselves! But Bowser didn't count on one mustached plumber, whose mission is to recover the stolen stars and bring their power back!



[10] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Platform: XBox | Genre: Role-Playing Game

Preview: Four thousand years before the fall of the Republic, before the fall of the Jedi, a great war was fought, between the armies of the Sith and the forces of the Republic. A warrior is chosen to rescue a Jedi with a power important to the cause of the Republic, but in the end, will the warrior fight for the Light Side of the Force, or succumb to the Darkness?