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Thread: R.I.P. Broken Matt Hardy

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    Exclamation R.I.P. Broken Matt Hardy

    R.I.P Broken Matt Hardy

    No no, Matt Hardy is not dead, but some not so delightful news is that the Broken Universe is as good as dead.

    Anthem/Global Force Wrestling President Ed Nordholm has revealed that negotiations between Anthem and the Hardy Boyz over the gimmick have officially ended and Anthem has no intention of ever speaking with the Hardy Boyz again.

    The Hardy Boyz were very close at obtaining the gimmick just a few weeks ago and reached a verbal agreement to purchase it. However Ed changed his mind at the literal last minute and made some very unrealistic, unreasonable and selfish demands that GFW receive 50% of the future WWE Broken merchandise, as well as a cut of Jeff Hardy's painting and music sales, which belong entirely to Jeff.

    So whats next? I don't think it will go much forward from here but at one point the Hardy's did make it known that they were prepared to take this to court.
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    I don't think Anthem actually owns it, anyway.
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    This isn't over.
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