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Thread: Albert Pujols at 599 HR

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    Default Albert Pujols at 599 HR

    He's a shoe-in Hall of Famer but I hope that people remember it's because of his years in St. Louis and not the last 6 in Anaheim. He's a shell of his former self. That being said, here's hoping he finishes his career strong.

    Now, predictions. How many HRs will Albert hit before he retires? I'm guessing about 650.
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    He'll be over 700. He has fallen off, but the Angels have to pay him regardless. If they aren't going to win... they'll be trying to jack his AB's up so that he can hit milestones.
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    Default Re: Albert Pujols at 599 HR

    Yeah and the fact he can just DH and not play the field, that'll help. I think he gets over 700 too because these days he's all power and nothing much else
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