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Thread: Matt Adams given away for less than nothing

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    Default Matt Adams given away for less than nothing

    We sent money and Adams for Juan Yepez.

    6 HR's in 450 career rookie/A-ball at bats. It appears that this 19 year old doesn't get on base really well, doesn't hit for power, doesn't steal bases, and doesn't have much chance of playing 3rd at an above average level.

    Nobody was willing to give us a BP arm for him?
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    Default Re: Matt Adams given away for less than nothing

    We've been trying to trade him since last offseason. Chris Carter, who hit 40+ HRs last year, had to take far less than he could've usually gotten because there were a glut of first basemen. The only reason we got anything for him is that Freeman broke his hand/wrist.
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