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Thread: Rule changes are a big discussion point

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    Braves Rule changes are a big discussion point

    and bring a variety of ideas. Some say, "leave the game alone"(Freddie).

    Other topics include speeding the game up -- no pitch IBB(likely to be put in place for '17 season), pitch clock, strike zone modification, mound visits, and the dreaded "replay". Setting a 2 min limit on the challenge for a decision to be made.

    I'm in favor of the rule for batters to keep one foot in the box and be ready hit even though they are playing with batting gloves. Would favor a rule limiting the number of times for "glove adjustment" out of box to once per AB. Favor the pitch clock. Can't stand the walk around the mound, picking up the rosin bag several times per pitch and generally stalling to get get in the hitters head. Don't like the "no-pitch rule for IBB. Do away with challenge calls except on fair/foul balls hit over the wall, and those that might change a call from DBL to HR and vise versa, and fan interference calls.
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    I'm with Freeman...Leave the game alone. People know that games take longer. That's the beauty of it for me. No clock. No time. Don't get me wrong, the glove adjustments do get out f hand quickly, especially when they don't even swing the bat. And I don't like the walking around the mound either. You can do a number of things to get inside the batter's head.

    And I agree with you, Sal, about challenge calls. I was in favor of it to begin with, but come on. Make up your mind quicker about a challenge. And yes, limiting challenges to HR/fan interference would be a good idea.


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