Hopefully the Braves will be far more competitive. The addition of Kemp has improved the lineup depth.

I am OK with a catching duo of Flowers and Recker. If a "power" catcher falls in the Braves lap, I would be more inclined to believe the Braves are contenders.

I would look for a "power" 2B alla Murphy/Walker. Get rid of POS and make Peterson the new Infante, all around utility guy.

Pitching is now a disaster, and appears to probably continue into '17. A relief core of Krol, Simmons(if he shows old form), Ramirez, Cabrera gives a short base on which to build. Starting rotation has 2-3 BIG holes. Teheran, Folty and maybe Wisler for 1-2-3, leaving 2 definite open spots. A big time innings eater, top of rotation guy would definitely be a big welcome.

I hope the Braves spend new salary space on pitching!!!!!