I went to our local minor league game yesterday, and Dominguez was really the only prospect worth talking about.

I know his stock has fallen recently as a prospect, and with Hanley now entrenched at third for the Marlins, he's stuck in AAA for the time being. But what's his deal?

I've read the same scouting reports you all have. I know he's an excellent defender (didn't really get the chance to make a play yesteday) but his bat never fully developed. Yet, anyway. But what about his bat/swing is keeping him down?

Point is, based on the eyeball test I was able to give him yesterday, dude looked sick at the plate. Nice looking swing, and he hit the ball real hard twice. One home run down the line traveled about 350 or so, and you could've hung laundry on it. Another ball was run down by the centerfielder right in front of the 400 mark in center.

So what is it with him? Can't hit the curve? Fastball? No patience? Pull hitter? What specifically about him has made him fall from a top 50 prospect (according to some experts) to completely off a lot of top prospect lists?