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Thread: S-B BOTP Sweet 16 | [1] asheylarry vs. [4] 'Lifer

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    Default S-B BOTP Sweet 16 | [1] asheylarry vs. [4] 'Lifer

    This is the Official Sports-Boards Battle of the Posters for 2012! This is a tournament to determine the most prolific poster throughout Sports-Boards Forums. This thread will cover both days of the battle, and the winner will move on to the next round. On day one, those participating will make a submission of their own, which can be anything they choose provided it does not violate the rules of the forum. From there, discussion can and will ensue, and the members of Sports-Boards can vote on which poster they believe should move on, based on their submission and posting throughout the day.

    For day two, discussion will continue, but the numbers will be entirely up to the poster. Their score for the second day will be based on points earned via activity, which is earned through posting, making threads, and being active among other things. Note that simply raising your postcount will actually hurt your score in the numbers! At the end of day two, the numbers from the poll and the activity formula will be combined, weighted, and then posted to figure out who wins the battle and who moves on!

    Try Punching It Regional Semifinal

    [1] asheylarry

    Sports-Boards Level: 48
    Tournament Berth: Automatic, Eagles Conference


    [4] 'Lifer

    Sports-Boards Level: 45
    Tournament Berth: Automatic, Cowboys Conference
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    Default Re: S-B BOTP Sweet 16 | [1] asheylarry vs. [4] 'Lifer

    Yesteryear, what seems like lots and lots of days ago, I always just wanted to be able to punch Ashey in the face...numerous times. But the PC monitor kept preventing me from carrying out my desires.

    Today, I don't really care. Either I learned to tolerate him or he's simply mellowed out to somewhat of a norm. Well, close to the norm. We all know he'll never be the norm. Maybe he's just getting old and losing his spunk.

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    Default Re: S-B BOTP Sweet 16 | [1] asheylarry vs. [4] 'Lifer

    ashey can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he's light years better than a freakin' Cowboys fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phan52 View Post
    ashey can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he's light years better than a freakin' Cowboys fan.
    At least he's not a fan of the green and gold.

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    Default Re: S-B BOTP Sweet 16 | [1] asheylarry vs. [4] 'Lifer

    Mostly because ashey has not posted a single submission - I honestly do not know how he has made it this far - overiding the fact that his soccer knowledge may have given him an edge for me - but also because even though Lifer is a Cowboy fan, he comes upon it honestly and is not too snooty about it - I gotta give him the nod here.
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