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Thread: RIP Matty Alou

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    Giants RIP Matty Alou

    Santo Domingo.- One of the most inconic Major League Baseball greats from the Dominican Republic, Mateo Rojas Alou (Matty Alou) died early Thursday in Miami of unspecified ailment.

    Alou, one of the famous brothers Jesus and Felipe, who all started with the San Francisco Giants in the 1060s, crowned his career while playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1969, when he won that National League Batting title with an average of .342.

    Dominican Olympic Committee president Luisin Mejia made the announcement on Channel 9 Thursday morning.

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    Ha...I think they mean 1960's.

    Was Matty the one that managed the Expos for a while too?

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    That was Felipe.

    I had a Matty Alou bat when I was a kid for a while, it had the knob shaved down.


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