Dr. William Moody Accused Of Violating Order Of Protection

Scheduled To Appear on 'Dr. Phil' Thursday

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS) ― There are new charges against the Westchester dentist who gained Internet fame after CBS station WCBS-TV's cameras exclusively caught him engaging in "parking rage" in November.

Dr. William Moody, who will appear on the "Dr. Phil" show on Thursday afternoon, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after apparently violating his order of protection against Yolanda Infante, the woman who he was seen pushing to the ground in the November incident.

Infante's order of protection against Moody says the dentist cannot have any contact or communication with her or her brother, Luis, both of whom felt Moody's wrath during the confrontation on Court Street in White Plains. WCBS-TV's cameras showed Moody getting out of his car and angrily approaching the Infantes, who were blocking his parking spot.

Moody opened the door to their car and could be seen yelling at the pair, before getting in their car himself and trying to move it on his own. After engaging in a verbal spat with Luis, his sister then approached Moody, before he shoved her to the ground. He also tried to shove the WCBS-TV photographer's camera away while being filmed, before police finally placed him under arrest.

It's been more than two months since Infante's order of protection went into affect, but on Tuesday, Infante says Moody approached her on the street near the building where they both have officers and sarcastically asked her if she knew what time "Dr. Phil" airs on CBS.

Moody and his lawyer both appear on the show to discuss the road rage incident, which became one of the most watched videos ever on WCBSTV.com.

Infante declined to speak on camera, but she told WCBS-TV's Tony Aiello she was scared when Moody approached her, and then briefly followed her down the street.

A friend of hers who is a police officer told her it was a clear violation of the order of protection, so she reported the incident to White Plains police, who once again placed the dentist under arrest.

Moody now is charged with criminal contempt of court, a misdemeanor, and his lawyer says the doctor denies having any contact with Infante. Instead, Moody claims Infante is just trying to make trouble for him, a claim she strongly denies

Moody will appear on the "Dr. Phil" show on CBS Thursday.