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by Dave Scherer @ 4:43 PM on 7/26/2012

Velvet Sky posted the following on her Twitter account.
"I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It's what's best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though..And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run!"
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The company‘s removed Velvet Sky from the roster page briefly, which they wouldn’t do unless it was final that the sides weren’t coming to terms. But then they put her back on. However, the fact Sky is booked on an iPPV in September for Pro Wrestling Syndicate on 9/14 in Rahway, NJ, which TNA wrestlers are now allowed to appear on, leads one to believe the odds are great she’s gone.