Credit - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Jim Cornette has recently been stepping up to produce more of TNA’s interview segments.

Until Konnan gets his kidney surgery he can’t lift weights or eat a lot of protein, salt, dairy products and citrus fruits. He also needs to stay away from junk food like pizza and soda. AAA in Mexico is doing a benefit show in February to help pay for his surgery which will run him over $30,000. WWE has okayed Rey Mysterio to perform at the show. Doctors are saying that his near kidney failure was caused by heavy usage of pain killers and eating a high-protein bodybuilder’s diet for a long period of time. He was told that the damage is not the type of damage consistent with steroid use.

Mike Tenay has been brought back as a regular member of the TNA booking committee.

Brother Ray had heat on him backstage from several people who felt he has not been putting over Homicide or the LAX enough. LAX is viewed as one of the hottest things going in TNA within the company, and to smooth things over Ray offered to put over Homicide on TV.