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    What is this? Should I be able to see this feature? Adjacent to the reputation button.
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    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
      You're noticing that too?
    1. MadNova's Avatar
      MadNova -
      Saved me from finding/writing something to take the place of the Watchmen Mafia article.
    1. moses's Avatar
      moses -
      Did I post the article twice somehow? I published it but also left it unpublished at once. I don't know if that somehow impacted it.
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    Good morning

    Just wet, ugly weather here until at least Thursday. I hate this weather more than I hate snow. This just soaks you and isn't

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    Hey Look Its Chase Utley!

    2015-2016 Phillies Offseason: Klentak, the Night Stalker

    Thread Starter: Hey Look Its Chase Utley!

    So, it's a new day in Philly. Middleton runs the team, MacPhail and Klentak are the guys in charge, and stats are embraced. I think I have started one

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    RUMOR: Goodell to block any Rams move to LA

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    2016 Recruiting

    Thread Starter: PnkPanther

    I realize the 1-2 people on here who care, probably already follow on Twitter

    Recruiting never ends and Minnesota stands in good position

    Last Post By: PnkPanther 12-01-2015, 08:43 AM Go to last post

    Our winning streak. Good or bad?

    Thread Starter: kilo

    So of course one side of me is over the moon that this team is on a tear recently. Nothing makes you feel better about your team than a win streak. 3

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    Kobe Bryant farewell tour starts in his hometown of Philadelphia

    Thread Starter: Zhengi

    [nbcsports_video src=http://vplayer.nbcsports.com/p/BxmELC/nbcsports_embed/select/d4fz_i3qG0F_?autoPlay=false width=651 height=365]


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    Caldwell & Player Accountability

    Thread Starter: Idoubtit

    I'll try this year but just like another forum it will probably disintegrate into a debate about whether Caldwell should be fired or not. My position

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    What Went Wrong

    Thread Starter: jcarm22

    Kvetch here.

    1) Putting a ton of money into RBs while shedding money from the OL.
    2) Terrible veteran WR play. Plus, for some reason,

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    Return from the holiday Monday

    Thread Starter: ill

    morning fools

    Hope everyone had a happy turkey day and ate their faces off with days worth of leftovers.

    Speaking of which,

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    The Leftovers

    Thread Starter: ill

    I started hearing awesome things about this show, so me and the girl started watching it. Lots of what the fuck moments, which I like. Easy to get sucked

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