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  • Watchmen Mafia

    Taking names and kicking asses right now.

    Looking for folks who'd like to play.
    This game would not start until the 11th of June.
    But it would be based on the Watchmen graphic novel and/or movie. So we'd have characters like Rorschach, Ozymandis, Night Owl, The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre...maybe more.

    I've got a pretty strong idea of how I'd like the characters aligned...for example, Rorschach would be a vigilante, and Night Owl would be a sheriff type, while Ozymandis would take on a Evil Mastermind role.

    Some abilities would be known only to the player with that character.

    Of course, the more people that sign up, the more robust I can be with roles, so sign up, tell your friends, and have them tell more friends.

    1. SUNT
    2. fahvra
    3. Whiskey
    4. moses
    5. tj11887
    6. jcarm
    7. ill
    8. banditgin
    9. ashey
    10. Game
    11. Bambino(?)
    12. Jiddy
    13. A-ND
    14. Pnk
    15. kobe
    16. Philava
    17. Enya
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