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  1. Ex-Girlfriend Busted For Brutal Scrotum Attack
  2. Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dom
  3. Marital Sex Statistics Who's Doing It and How Often?
  4. Woman Cuts Off Husband's Penis In Rage Of Jealousy
  5. Sandra Guedes threatened to kill husband who came home empty-handed from Brazil
  6. Woman who cut off husband's penis was vengeful
  7. Woman Bit Boyfriend's Penis Over Sex Refusal
  8. South Carolina Man Was Left Bloodied By Ex-Girlfriend's Violent Testicle Assault
  9. Baby Mamas In Tag-Team Taser Assault Of Daddy
  10. Trial set for woman accused of running over husband
  11. Woman arrested for maiming after man claims girlfriend tried to bite his penis off
  12. Police Arrest Woman For Domestic Nut Punching Incident
  13. Woman Battered Beau Over Porn Habit
  14. Sex Rejection Prompted Battery, Police Charge
  15. Woman, 27, Arrested For Pooper Scooper Attack On Her Live-In Boyfriend
  16. Man Wearing GoPro Recorded Testicle Attack
  17. "I Tried To Rip His Balls Off," Woman Confesses