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  1. Oh My Favre!
  2. Favre butt kissers
  3. I'm not 100% sure
  4. Madden 09
  5. Brett Favre Part Iii
  6. Honestly Are You Serious?????
  7. Turducken
  8. Madden 2009 Cover
  9. No Favre On The Main Page?????????
  10. People who should be savagely beaten...
  11. Chmura's take
  12. More Tampa-ring?
  13. 6 months makes a difference
  14. Packers File Tampering Charges With NFL
  15. Good morning Ima
  16. Packers should release/trade Favre
  17. Turn on the NFL network
  18. Did Brett show up?
  19. Minor League Baseball Team to Honor Favre
  20. Another reason Brett does not want to retire THIS Year
  21. Favre is Done?
  22. What a waste of corn
  23. Murphy on Favre
  24. Goodell pushing for trade
  25. Favre deal could be coming
  26. breaking news
  27. Dan Patrick Show...
  28. Favre reinstatement letter
  29. EA/Madden 09 getting ready
  30. ESPN report: Favre files for reinstatement
  31. Report: Packers offer Favre $20 million to stay home
  32. Packers starting to crack?
  33. Garcia injured
  34. The REAL reason my sweet Brett retired
  35. Favre on his way?
  36. Where?
  37. Brittany Favre
  38. ESPN Radio report on Favre
  39. Jets' trade talks for Favre heat up
  40. No Favre reinstatement today -- again
  41. Re-instated!
  42. Statement By Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy
  43. Rodgers HORRIBLE
  44. Favre must fix mess
  45. Mariucci: Favre wants to know if Packers are committed to him
  46. Brett Favre Trading Cards
  47. Favre: "This isn't going to work"
  48. Sh*tstorm Blog
  49. Brett Favre is a Bitch
  50. Favre ponders trade to Bucs or Jets
  51. I'll play for Buccaneers, Favre says
  52. Brett Favre Leaving Lambeau
  53. Thompson press conference postponed
  54. 'Bidding war' for Favre going on, source says
  55. Iyo Will This Put Some Tarnish On His "legacy"?????
  56. Jon Gruden
  57. The Old Flame
  58. Favre speaks in Mississippi
  59. Packers want Griese, possible second-round pick
  60. This deal is a downer for Favre
  61. Thank you (insert preferred higher power here)!!!
  62. Oh My God! Brett’s Coming To Jersey! All My Fantasies Are Coming True!
  63. Weird
  64. The Story Of Brett Favre’s 2008 Season, Predicted Using Only NY Post Pun Headlines
  65. Mike and Mike
  66. Caption This
  67. Cap casualty?
  68. Jets P.C.
  69. The Day football died...
  70. Favre says arm feeling 'fatigued,' will ask for fewer throws in afternoon
  71. Favre's First Game as a Jet
  72. You Ungrateful Little Sh*ts Have No Respect For Greatness!
  73. Only in Wisconsin
  74. Thompson wanted my a$$ out the door
  75. Favre getting "that retirement itch" again
  76. The "Wish Brett was still on our Team" Thread
  77. Reason #314 why Brett Favre is god
  78. Patriots @ Jets
  79. J!E!T!S! @ Bolts
  80. Favre injured
  81. What The F@*k!?!?!??!
  82. Jets coach Mangini names third son Zack Brett after Favre
  83. Consecutive Game Streak to end
  84. Favre calls injured Romo, offers encouragement and advice
  85. Madden Favre Haunts Me
  86. Favre did not call Rodgers
  87. my friend blew it
  88. Report: Favre helped Lions prepare for Packers
  89. Hey Brett
  90. Jay feely send the game to OT!
  91. Is Favre the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend?
  92. Brett says Millen & Romo called him
  93. Favre accusations
  94. Dirty Deanna
  95. Favre on pace for a 20+ interception season...
  96. My Brett Favre Rant.
  97. 20,000
  98. Brett Favre coin
  99. Favre suspended for drugs?
  100. Good Luck Tonight Brett
  101. Favre holding Jets hostage already
  102. Sold: Favre's Ashwaubenon home for $445,000
  103. Favre is a turnover
  104. Favre has the J-E-T-S Rollin
  105. Jets Final Record and potential playoff picture.
  106. Blanda vs. Favre
  107. Favre - Time for the J E T S
  108. Looks like the Jets are winning despite Favre again...
  109. Brett Favre Topic 2 Pack
  110. "Maybe I don't have the arm I used to have. I don't know."
  111. Funny finish to MM's presser today
  112. Favre watch: Is the shoulder wearing down?
  113. Favre’s final NFL season?
  114. Season on the line: Favre or Pennington?
  115. Favre mum on future, but says arm may be issue
  116. Favre watch
  117. Favre announces
  118. Coaches catered to Favre says Jet
  119. Favre's words
  120. No one will remember 8-3.
  121. Favre won't need major surgery
  122. Cowher Didn't Want Favre As His QB
  123. Thomas Jones throws Brett under the bus (video)
  124. Tannenbaum: “It may be time to look in a different direction”
  125. Favre: The view from New York
  126. So Brett Favre tried to...
  127. Favre refuses to fire back at teammates
  128. Favre's 1st career NFL start
  129. Here we go AGAIN
  130. Madden Curse Revisited
  131. Jets giving Favre 10 days....
  132. Favre to retire
  133. Favre-a-palooza, just in time for Valentines Day
  134. Brett: Behind The Facemask
  135. Favre came back, just to stick it to Packers
  136. Favre Q&A at ESPN Weekend Event
  137. He is gone now so . . .
  138. Favre to lend Mangini a hand?
  139. Happy Birthday John Madden
  140. john madden to retire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  141. Favre: Madden will be missed
  142. Favre Set Free
  143. Daily mailbag: Favre could surpass Marshall in purple
  144. Don't assume Favre has lost the itch
  145. Deanna Favre was in Green Bay
  146. Report: Favre to meet with Childress
  147. two faced and disingenuous - a total phony
  148. Favre, Childress to meet today
  149. Sharper says Favre a good fit in Minnesota
  150. Read this just now
  151. Favre to sign with Vikings IF.....
  152. Favre reportedly testing out his arm
  153. Only QB to beat every team?
  154. Brett Favre Mails Arm To Vikings
  155. Favre consults with surgeon about biceps tendon
  156. Andrew Brandt's opinion
  157. Bought a number 4 JETS Jersey today
  158. Childress acknowledges chatting with Favre
  159. Favre mourning arm bands
  160. Fran Tarkenton on Favre
  161. Idea for the Brett Farve forum
  162. Cris Carter's opinion
  163. Sources: Favre has surgery
  164. Booty has foresight absent a '4' sighting
  165. Brett Favre to Vikings? His family's ready, with hotel rooms for Nov. 1 game here
  166. Reports make Favre saga no less muddy
  167. November 29, 2009
  168. Report: Vikings stop pursuit of Favre ... for now
  169. Interesting Question
  170. Vikings coach Brad Childress on QB Brett Favre: 'Stay tuned'
  171. Source: Favre to be monitored in Miss.
  172. Players react to ‘Favre-a-palooza’
  173. Favre will get a deal heavy on incentives
  174. Favre to speak tonight
  175. We'll never forget you....
  176. Favre update: Vikings say QB's future is up to him
  177. Vikings-Favre agree to terms
  178. Peterson wants Favre
  179. Jersey bonfire
  180. Brett Favre's surgeon: 'He wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings'
  181. Favre puts deposit on Edina condo
  182. Vikings send trainer to check Favre again
  183. Bevell watches Favre throw
  184. Paul Hornung on Brett Favre: 'He ain't going to win in Minnesota'
  185. Childress says Favre looks good on video
  186. Letterman bit on Favre
  187. Jerry Rice not optimistic about Favre's skills
  188. Brett Favre Decision Huge for Online Casino NFL Future Odds
  189. Report: Favre may give Vikings an answer this week
  190. Sources: Favre anguished over choice
  191. PFT rewind: "Lord Favre should keep his thoughts to himself"
  192. Agent says Favre needs more time
  193. Brett Favre joins new 'team' as Sears ad pokes fun at QB's indecision
  194. Monday morning QB
  195. Decision made??: Favre staying retired
  196. Favre was worried he wouldn't last
  197. Retired now? Or forever?
  198. Digging out of Minnesota's self-inflicted hole
  199. NFL Network
  200. Favre told Mooch last night
  201. Favre: If someone calls, who knows?
  202. Childress on Favre: 'There's not a chance from my standpoint'
  203. The RETIREMENT ENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. Brett Favre Steakhouse hiring all positions...
  205. Favre-Vikings speculation returns
  206. By the minute: Childress waiting on Favre
  207. 'A done deal' for Favre: He'll sign $10-12M deal with Vikings today
  208. Video of the plane landing
  209. Breaking news: John Madden coming out of retirement!
  210. NY Paper Calling Favre Sad and Old
  211. LOL
  212. Glad Forum wasn't deleted!
  213. When will Favre retire next?
  214. Best PR Staff
  215. Top 4 Viking marketing slogans
  216. Roundup: The fuzzy Favre timeline
  217. Tarkenton again expresses disgust
  218. Just checking in
  219. Favre -- "It's all about me!"
  220. Flava Favre
  221. Brett Favre's Comeback Endangering Innocent Goats
  222. Already...hee hee!
  223. Purple Favre Jerseys
  224. Favre fined for Cheating!
  225. Booooo!
  226. Favre Vs.....
  227. Favre says fines unfair
  228. I love these shirts.
  229. Favre Roller Coaster
  230. Western Wisconsin bar plans charity Favre burn
  231. This is not the Favre we know
  232. Kiss my Ass Brett
  233. Green Bay mayor polls fans
  234. Favre's Sears Radio Ad
  235. Fox to have a camera on Favre
  236. Caliendo's "Top Ten" list...
  237. I Bow
  238. Favre and the booth
  239. Interesting Article from SI
  240. Favre refused to be benched...
  241. Brad Childress, Brett Favre dispute has been festering for awhile
  242. Offense source of friction
  243. Favre says standoff with Childress resolved
  244. Comeback Player of the Year....
  245. Trend Dilfer on the old man
  246. FavreWatch: Talking retirement, or not
  247. The world is ending
  248. Poetic Justice....
  249. We Can Shut This B!tch Down Now....
  250. And so it begins....